The DNA Marker has been FOUND!

It's a simple recessive gene and a test will be available soon. Everyone's breeding stock needs to be tested before a dog is bred, regardless if you think you have a problem with PN or not. The only way to be certain to stop this genetic problem from happening to you is to test your dogs and only breed a NON carrier to a Carrier. Never breed two carriers together.

Below are links to articles written about Polyneuropathy in the Alaskan Malamute. They are in pdf format so they can be printed out if you wish. Also, included is a pedigree for an affected dog. Please take the time to read these articles. Whether your Malamute is just your loving pet or a top winning show dog Polyneuropathy is in our wonderful breed. These articles have been written from 3 different points of view. The first from a pet owner's point of view and how devasting this disease can be when your cherished pet is affected. The second from a breeder's perspective and the third is from a renouned Veterninarian from the University of Georgia and his perspective on this horrible disease.


Polyneuropathy from a pet owner's perspective


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